Review: Trumpeter 1/72 M113ACAV ‘Armored Car’

If the 'Armored Car' in the title of this review rustles your jimmies: I'm sorry. In what seems to be real Chinglish, Trumpeter probably mistook Armored Personel Carrier for 'Car'. But at least they are consistent with it: it's on every M113 kit in 1/72 scale made by  Trumpeter. And there are quite a few.. … Continue reading Review: Trumpeter 1/72 M113ACAV ‘Armored Car’


Review: Italeri 1/72 Hs-129 B-2

The Henschel Hs-129 is one of those little known aircraft outside the circles of Luftwaffe/WW2 historians and gamers. I didn't know this type existed until a model of it was released in War Thunder. Work on this slow, well armed and armored aircraft started in 1939 after lessons learned in the Spanish Civil War. The Luftwaffe realized that an ground-attack aircraft armed with cannons could be very effective. 

Review: Tamiya 1/35 M561 Gama Goat

The M561 Gama Goat was a 6x6 amphibious cargo truck designed for the jungles of Vietnam. Intended for use during the Vietnam War it was well known for it's outstanding performance in climbing and rough terrain. It would go where almost no other US truck could go. But it was hard enough to drive on the road that it required special training, wasn't really amphibious, loud and hard to maintain. But it does make for an interesting little kit.

Review: Italeri 1/9 Triumph 3HW

While looking around for a kit of the old (or new) Triumph Bonneville I stumbled upon this kit. The Triumph 3HW was a 350 cc motorcycle designed for the British Army. Based on a old ESCI kit it's in a scale that I've never seen before: 1/9. This means you'll get a rather large motorcycle out of it. No problemo. Italeri released all other motorcycles made by ESCI: The Harley Davidson Liberator and the BMW R75 with sidecar.