Review: ARMA: Cold War Assault

ARMA: Cold War Assault has had a rocky past, initially released by publisher Codemasters and developed by Bohemia Interactive under the name of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis the two companies had a falling out and each went on their separate ways by the time Operation Flashpoint 2 was being developed. Codemasters went ahead and … Continue reading Review: ARMA: Cold War Assault


Review: TeKaMo 1/72 Luchtwachttoren

  So now for something completely different. And about as Dutch as wooden shoes, windmills and cheese if not a little less well-known even in the Netherlands. Luchtwachttoren is Dutch for Air Watch Tower, and these towers were part of the Korps Luchtwacht Dienst (KLD) or Air Watch Corps in English. The KLD had built … Continue reading Review: TeKaMo 1/72 Luchtwachttoren

Review: 1/72 First to Fight Bofors 40 mm Polska Armata

The Polish Wrzesień 1939 series is a war game series by the Polish company First to Fight and is centered around the events of September 1939 German invasion of Poland and features all kinds of interesting Polish and early German hardware that you don't often see. And that is a shame because the Polish Campaign … Continue reading Review: 1/72 First to Fight Bofors 40 mm Polska Armata