Essential links for any modelbuilder. Quite a lot of websites with very useful information disappear, which is a damn shame. Thankfully there are organisations like the Internet Archive with their ‘Way Back Machine’ that backup these websites on a regular basis.


A few months ago I have setup a GitHub page named scalemodel-links where I collect links to all things related to scale models. Anyone with a GitHub account can contribute to this list, if you don’t have one you can always send me a message if you want a page on the list.

Absolutely Essential


The scale modelers Facebook, Metacritic and price comparison site rolled into one. It also has a wishlist and stash feature, has an event calendar and lists all known hobby shops. The site is kept up-to-date by members of the community and the owner of the site is very active in developing the website even further. I dare to say that if a kit is not on Scalemates, it most likely doesn’t exist.


  • Krikke Modelbouw (Dutch) is one the shops near me, located in Groningen on the Nieuweweg 22, 9711 TE Groningen
  • Autoshop het Stuurwiel (Dutch), based in my hometown Assen. If you ever find yourself in this lovely little city, come in and have chat with the owner.
  • Der Sockelshop (German/English) one of the biggest online modelshops in Europe.
  • Diodump.com Has a wide selection of diorama related stuff. Buildings, bases, materials and accessoiries


YouTube is full of interesting videos by and for model builders. Here are a few channels that I find interesting:


Reddit is in short a news aggregation and discussion site with a wide range of communities called ‘subreddits’ each dedicated to a subject. It has a few fairly large subreddits dedicated to model building:


  • 35 RC Tank (English) 35 RC Tank sells RC Conversion Kits for 1/35 and 1/16 Tanks
  • Swanny’s The Complete Future (English) This is a copy of SwannysModels.com complete guide to Future Floor Polish for modelbuilders.
  • SS Vehicle license plate database
  • Deutscheluftwaffe.de (German) Amazing site with information on cockpits and documents relating to various aircraft in service with the Luftwaffe.
  • Deutscheluftwaffe.com (German/English) This is the old site of Deutscheluftwaffe.de, it serves as an archive untill the owner has transferred all the pictures and documents to the new site.

Color Conversion Charts

The large kit manufacturers (Airfix, Revell, Tamiya) have their own ranges of paint and will ‘push’ them and not list other paints. Other manufacturers will list some brands of paint, but there is always the problem of availability. Maybe your local shop only carries Tamiya paints, or Revell etc. These charts will help you buy the right paint

Camo schemes

  • 4bogreen.com (English) great resource on all things 4BO (ie. Soviet) because even Russian Green is not the same everywhere.
  • Fritz the Fox Camo Guide (English) A rather simple site but it has some standard camouflage options for WW2 aircraft, including RLM and FS numbers for paint.
  • Militarymodelling.com Article on the ‘true’ WW2 US Army Olive Drab

Model Cars

Some links to interesting car related websites with tutorials and such. But I have to point out Zero Paints. They make car colors that are factory spec. so you can paint your car model in the exact same color as the real factory does. Beware though, it’s automotive paint, so special precautions are needed though.