Review: Mirage Hobby 1/35 Armored Casemate

The Germans had a bewildering variety of standard bunkers, or casemates. Varying in size from a small observation or MG bunker to huge bunkers for communication- or command centers and anything in between. Many can be still seen in the European countryside, where they are often left standing because it's too expensive to remove these … Continue reading Review: Mirage Hobby 1/35 Armored Casemate


Review: Friul 1/35 ATL-30 Pz.Kpfw. II / Wespe

Tracks are always a problem: rubber tracks are often too short and usually don't look that great on your kit, and sometimes don't take paint that well. Link-and-length tracks are better, molded in plastic they look good enough but can be tricky to assemble. And then there are Dragons Magic Tracks and the likes: plastic track links that look great. But they can require a lot of work.

Review: Revell 1:72 Mil Mi-28N Havok

The Mil Mi-28N Havoc is the Russian answer to the AH-64 Apache, a heavily armed attack helicopter that can carry a surprising amount of weaponry. It carries a 30 mm dual feed autocannon, with both Armor piercing sabot and High Explosive rounds, selectable by the gunner. On the pylons it can carry anything from unguided rockets to heat-seeking air-to-air missiles and anything in between. Developed in the early eighties as a variant to the venerable Mil Mi-24 Hind but without the troop carrying capacity and with a radar, making it All-Weather capable, much like the Apache.