I’m a thirty-something guy working in IT (no, I will not fix your computer) who enjoys working with computers. This is why I have an ever-expanding Raspberry Pi population in and around my house doing all sorts of stuff. But working with 1’s and 0’s all day at work and at home isn’t good for your social life. So naturally I decided to start to build plastic model kits. Because it’s the most social activity…

…Wait. It really isn’t, unless you have an active club nearby. Which I haven’t. Oh well..

But this hobby ticks all other boxes for me. I love anything with an internal combustion engine, especially if they are military. And I’m somewhat of a history buff with a preference for WWI and later conflicts.

Oh, almost forgot: I live in the Netherlands.

the site

This site is just one of the many websites out there dedicated to model building. I have reviewed computer games in the past, and when I saw a lot of kits that haven’t been reviewed yet I decided to start my own site to review these kits. I love quirky vehicles, stuff like the Haunebu flying saucer, the Focke-Wulf Triebflügel or the Landkreuzer P.1000 ‘Ratte’ are right up my alley. But I enjoy the more regular subjects as well and I will review and build any sort of kit that I happen to like.

Another reason to start this site was to have a place where I can put my research into various Military subjects online and hopefully be to some use for anyone else out there. These pages are expanded when I drive more into the information I find, so if you find one of these articles interesting come back at another time!

Also, you may have noticed some of my reviews have an Amazon affiliate link to the kit. This is not because I want to get rich from it (it would be nice though!) but because I want to buy and review more kits! I’d like to do full reviews where I build the kit sans paint, so you can see everything: the fitting issues, gaps and other problems (and the mistakes I’ve made). This means I’ll have to buy two kits, one for a normal build and a review build. Buying kits through my affiliate links will help with that.

My work