Review: Modelcollect 1/72 E-75 Ausf. Vierfüßler Rheintochter 1

If you are thinking “I didn’t know this Ausführung existed” you are right: It didn’t. It’s one of those fantasy panzers that take Paper Panzers to the next level. Think Maschinen Krieger but based on a E-75 hull. But if the Germans struggled to make the Panther and (King) Tigers reliable, how on earth would they make a walking panzer reliable?

So this is not a kit for die-hard rivetcounters. An E75 with legs doesn’t seem to be the most sane option in, and I doubt some German institutions like the idea, but its based on the Luft ’46 series called Fist of War by Modelcollect which features a whole range of similar fantasy vehicles.

The manufacturer

ModelCollect is a Chinese company that is putting out a lot of unique kits. A whole range of Russian armor like a large number of T-80 variants, US and RU tactical/strategic missile launchers, a few land-based anti-ship missiles and a number of WW2 era German E-series panzers and the Fist of War series that are at least partly based on the E-series panzers. And I probably forgot a few other niche weapon systems. And although their 1/72 kits are at Dragon pricing levels their 1/35 seem to be priced competitively.

The kit

Now onto the kit itself. Setting aside the Luft ’46 theme and ridiculous mechanics of the vehicle, let’s see if the Dragon-esque prices are substantiated. First of all, modelcollect uses nice, sturdy boxes for their kits which is a plus in my book. Other manufacturers either use Side-Opening Boxes (I’m looking at you, Revell) or slightly less sturdy boxes. But extreme nitpicking aside. Whats in that box?

Well, a surprising amount (to me) of parts are inside. And all parts are on par with Dragon in this scale. Very nicely molded plastic with barely any flash visible anywhere and some nice details. The model features a AA turret underneath and two 20 mm guns are molded as one piece. This piece is superbly molded, with very little seamlines and crisp details. The turret these are mounted in looks just as good. The legs of this kit are a bit less detailed, and I think they are not movable, but the legs and their mountings are the only parts specifically made for this kit. The rest comes from a range of different kits. Parts like the Rheintochter 1 missile and its launcher come from another kit, as is the E-75 hull obviously.

Color schemes and decals

Because this is a fantasy kit you can do anything you like to the color scheme. Panzer grey? German Yellow? Some weird camouflage scheme, you name it. But the kit comes with two schemes: a camouflage pattern and one in German Yellow only. On the decal front there are a few options, and quite a few decals for the spares box. Sadly, not all decals are printed in register, differing ever so slightly. Maybe Modelcollect should have their decals printed by Cartograf..


This is a great kit, although the decals are a bit lacking, but there are enough usable decals, so it won’t be much of a problem. If you want some nice decals you’d be better off pulling them from your spares box. But this nicely moulded kit is well worth the fairly steep price tag and I’ll be on the lookout for more of their kits from now on.




  • Manufacturer: ModelCollect
  • Vehicle: E75 Ausf. Vierfußler Rheintochter 1
  • Scale: 1/72
  • Kit#: UA72113



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