News: Revell 1/72 Haunebu pulled from stores

I was quite happy when announced their version of the Haunebu from Wave. But when I tried to buy one today I was unpleasantly surprised. My local shop had sold all of their Haunebu’s, and every store that had it in stock also seemed to have sold out. So I did a little more digging.

But weirdly, the kit wasn’t even listed on anymore. And then I found that the kit wasn’t sold out, but pulled from the stores by Revell mid-June because the German Child Protection Council and the Dresden Bundeswehr Museum complained about the release of this kit, citing:

falsification of history and indirect dissemination of esoteric and right-wing conspiracy theories in children’s rooms

Apparently, kits like these need to come with a disclaimer that the vehicle depicted in the kit did not in fact exist and is only made for educational/entertainment purposes. But a re-release of this kit with disclaimers like these is unlikely, since announced that they have stopped manufacturing and distributing this kit completely.

And I was just trying to use the €5 voucher I got from Revell for signing up to their newsletter..


4 thoughts on “News: Revell 1/72 Haunebu pulled from stores

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