Review: World War Toons German Medium Tank Panzer III

World War Toons is a PlayStation VR First Person Shooter set in World War 2 where you fight on maps with names like ‘Moulah Ruse’ and ‘Pyramid Scheme’ in cartoon variants of all kinds of armored vehicles like thiz Pz.Kpfw. III. From the looks of it, it is safe to say it’s not a realistic game like Post Scriptum is, but a bit more arcade-y. I have nevert played (or heard of) the game, but Meng has decided to release a bunch of models based on the vehicles in game.

Essentials like the Tiger 1 and Sherman are naturally part of the lineup, but this little Pz. Kpfw. III is a nice addition to the mix. Other options are the King Tiger, KV-2 and T-34/76. Oh, and I haven’t forgotten to add the scale of this kit to the title: this kit has no scale but it’s listed as 1:Egg scale on

The kit

So, let’s go over the box first. On the front there is some nice artwork of the Pz. III with the Meng Models and World War Toons logos on either side and below that the following blurb:

Rotatable turret and elevatable gun barrel
fast cement-free assembly design
game-based cute shape

‘Cute’ isn’t a word you often find on a box of a plastic model, but alas. The box itself is very nice, way better than what the €10 price tag would suggest and it looks better then even Meng’s regular boxes.. And that ‘premium’ feel continues when opening the box. All parts are nicely packaged a single sturdy plastic bag. While I’m not a fan of the one-bag-fits-all approach, the parts inside are sturdy enough to survive in the mail.

Speaking of the parts. they (unsurprisingly) have this toy look to them, as a lot of detail is left out or simplified. But keep in mind this is essentially a snap-tite kit, you don’t need glue to assemble it. And it looks like you can assemble this kit in maybe one hour, with the parts that I have tried fitting quite well. And if you don’t like the roadwheel production line you have to set up every time you build something German this is the kit for you. The kit ‘lost’ a few roadwheels during its cartoon conversion. and they look OK to me, but the tracks are way to thick to look realis… wait.. They look properly cartoony, but are lacking a bit of detail. On the plus side they are workable, and with the included poly caps for the wheels it can drive around your workbench. You could even get a little more creative and make a RC variant out of it(?). Just be careful when driving your RC tank around in that case. The Schürzen are a bit ‘overscale’ and add to the cartoony look and feel of the tank. But I’m not sure how easy they are to (re)assemble.

I mentioned the premium look of the box of this kit, and the premium feel is continued in the manual. It is a nicely printed color booklet with clear instructions, I didn’t spot any thing that might look confusing in the instructions. But it is a bit of a mess with the text, as the manual is in three different languages that make some parts of the manual look a bit cluttered. But as I said, the manual is great.

But what is it?

The tank is armed with what seems to be the 7,5 cm KwK L/24 gun found on the early Pz. IV’s, making this a Ausführung N, and this Ausf. would have been used as a support tank for the Heavy Armor Battalions and thus would operate in conjunction with the Tiger 1 and 2. Strangely enough the provided color scheme doesn’t match this, as the German Grey used was not used on this type. And to add more confusion the box lists a Ausf J as an example for the real world dimensions and specifications, but the J had a 50 cm KwK 38. Oh well, writing about inaccuracies on a cartoony tank kit is probably an exercise in uselesness 🙂

Decals and color scheme

The kit features a tiny decal sheet without the regular Balkenkreuzen, but with a tactical number and the insignia of the 9th Panzer Division used from 1941 to 1945. I’m tempted to use a few decals from my stash to add the Balkenkreuzen. The color scheme is German Grey, and the colors callouts are for AK Interactive and Acrysion paints.


It’s a basic kit that is intended for beginners. No glue is needed to assemble the kit, but you would probably want to apply some glue anyway to keep the smaller parts from moving. Especially when you give it to a kid. Details are pretty nice, but obviously not for your average rivetcounter. Overall, this is going to be a great kit for beginners of all ages or for people looking for something different or maybe even a short little side-project.




Vehicle: Pz. Kpfw. III
Manufacturer: Meng
Scale: 1/Egg
Kit#: 07208
Released: 2017



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