News: Post Scriptum

Post Scriptum is a WW2 tactical First Person Shooter game built on the Unreal 4 engine. The project started out as a WW2 mod for the game called Squad, the members of the team set out to form a new gamestudio, Periscope Games. The team set out to build the next standard in WW2 large-scale games.

In case you don’t know: Squad is a deeply tactical game, there is no Call of Duty gameplay here. And Post Scriptum is basically Squad set during World War 2. In PS you can play either a German or Allied soldier during Operation Market Garden, the failed air landings to capture the Dutch bridges over the Rhine river.

Immense · Ruthless · Authentic

Is the motto the developers are working with. And from what I’ve seen, every point is correct. The map is immense, the action is ruthless (one well placed shot, or even a lucky one, takes you out) and it is Authentic with a capital A. Fighting on the landing grounds, in the fields and in the streets looks amazing. And the game includes heavier equipment like mortars, artillery, anti-tank guns and all kinds of vehicles. Even tank on tank combat looks amazing, which usually is hard to pull off in infantry games. I saw a video of someone in a Stuart tank facing a Panther tank at range, and even for me as a viewer it was a Brown Pants Generating Event..

And although I can’t play the game yet, the footage on YouTube by people who have access to the early Alpha releases look amazing. It is truly Squad, but with Kar 98k’s, Thompsons and MG42s. A video of this game popped up on my YouTube feed one day, and I just happened to click on it. Almost immediately I thought ‘This looks like the Netherlands!’. Then I heard it was based on Market Garden. As someone from the Netherlands I was pretty happy with the attention to detail, particularly the houses. I’ve been to the area around Arnhem and I’ve visited the Airborne Museum Oosterbeek, located in Hotel Hartenstein, where airborne troops fought a difficult battle, trying to hold off the Germans after the British forces failed to capture the Arnhem bridge.

When this game is released I’ll be sure to watch ‘A Bridge Too Far’ again, then start this game up.



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