Review: Mirage Hobby 1/35 Armored Casemate

The Germans had a bewildering variety of standard bunkers, or casemates. Varying in size from a small observation or MG bunker to huge bunkers for communication- or command centers and anything in between. Many can be still seen in the European countryside, where they are often left standing because it’s too expensive to remove these bunkers. Sometimes they even serve as sheds or in art projects for the local graffiti artists.

This kit looks like it’s based on the R105b design used in both the WestWall and AtlantikWall and used primarily in flanking positions.

The kit

It’s just a tiny kit: a bunch of walls, a roof and a door. Sadly, nothing else is included, not even a MG. But overall the shape looks good, if maybe a bit too tall. But this can be easily hidden as the bunker itself is meant to be buried in the ground with only the front and rear visible. The exterior features a nicely textured concrete look with bullet holes and other small damage visible everywhere. These look a bit overdone to me, I’ve seen many examples of battle damaged bunkers, and the bullet holes on the kit seem to be made with something big (or they used inferior quality concrete). And they seem to be grouped together in a ‘Hollywood’ way. (Or maybe the bunker was involved in a fight with ‘marksman-level’ MG-gunners).

Decals and color schemes

On the topic of decals and colors we can be short: Grey and none. Although most German bunkers featured at least some warnings on bunkers, not a single decal was included. The color scheme is left upon your imagination. Which isn’t a problem at all in this case. Either concrete-grey or camouflage will do.


A nice little kit that’s of good quality molding, simple construction but it lacks some accessoires like MG’s. As I mentioned earlier, the damage looks a bit overdone. But you can work on your ‘battle-scar’ skills if needed. The biggest problem however is the lack of extra stuff. Not even a single MG or figure is included in the kit.


This is one of my earliest kits, I wanted to test the video capabilities of my DSLR camera and the tripod I bought. After shooting that video I decided not to take pictures and just build it.







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