Review: Revell 1/32 Kenworth Aerodyne

The Kenworth Aerodyne is a Class 8 truck, meaning it is the heaviest class of trucks in the US Heavy Transport Vehicle classification table, and people unfamiliar with US trucks might recognize it as a Matchbox model released years ago in the early to mid-eighties. This particular model of the Aerodyne line, the Cab Over Engine (COE) model hasn’t seen some plastic love in years, with the last release of a kit by Revell produced between 1996-1999. Together with the regular Aerodyne this is the truck I think about when thinking of US trucks.

The kit

Just a word of warning: This kit is a budget kit, much like the Opel GT I reviewed earlier this year. So expect a simple kit with a fairly low part count and not too much detail as it is an old kit from 1991 made by Monogram.

Upon opening the kit the first thing you see is the cabin. It’s a one-piece affair with some nicely molded details. Mainly rivets and well-defined doors that are molded shut. It doesn’t matter that much, as the interior makes the kit look more like a toy, with only basic detail inside. Judging by interior shots of this truck that’s quite a disappointment. There is enough room and enough detail in the real world vehicle to have at least some detail included. But the detail that’s present looks like a good approximation of the real deal.

One other downside is the lack of an engine bay. This truck could look quite interesting with the cab folded over to show the engine underneath, but not even the option for one is included in this kit. And you would need to do some major
surgery to accomplish this. There is a hint of an engine on the chassis frame, but that’s about it. But this being an American truck there are a lot of chrome parts. Although I personally don’t like chromed parts they look OK enough for someone who doesn’t want to spend the time stripping and painting chrome paint (and let me tell you: It is’ hard to get the paint just right).

Decals and color schemes

The decals are of the usual Revell “Printed in Italy” quality, so no complaints here. There is one color scheme: Red as pictured on the box. I might give my old bottle of Tamiya paint a go on this one as it’s the perfect shade of red for this kit.


A decent kit for a decent price. It certainly shows it’s age in places, but everyone can make something nice of this without too much problems. And because of the low price you can always spend some money on some extra stuff. I just hope someone will release a trailer for this truck, as it looks a bit lonely without one.





Vehicle: Kenworth Aerodyne
Manufacturer: Revell
Scale: 1/32
Kit#: 07671
Released: 2016


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