Review: Revell 1/72 Junkers Ju 87 G/D Tank Buster

After reading Hans Ulrich Rudels somewhat controversial book ‘Stuka Pilot’ in which he chronicles his time as a Stuka pilot, flying a little over 2.500 combat sorties and killing 519 tanks, damaging the Soviet battleship Marat, sinking a cruiser and destroyer and 70 landing crafts and 800 plus vehicles of any kind. His Stuka of choice was the Kanonenvogel (Gun bird) but he also flew nearly 500 sorties in ground attack versions of the FW 190.

This kit depicts his favorite aircraft, the Kanonenvogel, with its twin 37 mm guns that could take out most Soviet tanks from above. In the right hands it was a very effective aircraft requiring a lot of skill and courage to fly it effectively. I can attest to this after flying this particular type in IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946. Even from the comfort of my seat I could not hope to come close to the 519 tanks of Rudel.

The kit

This kit is a rebox of Revells 1975 kit, so keeping that in mind I opened the box hoping it wouldn’t be too bad. And it actually isn’t. It does certainly show its age, both in the instruction sheet and on the sprues. There is some flash and lots of sprue gates and pin marks. Nothing that’s going to pose a huge problem, but if you’re low on sandpaper and putty you might want to pick up a few sheets and new putty from the hobbyshop along with this kit.

But what’s nice is that you have the option of building two different types: the G with the twin 37 mm AT guns and the normal D variant that carries bombs only. Speaking about the guns, after opening the box I was a bit worried how the guns would look. But they look pretty good, molded in one piece with (almost) no flash. But the gondola containing the rest of the gun is a two-piece affair, so this part won’t be putty-free I’m afraid.

Other details like the engine and cockpit are reasonably well detailed, but the cockpit walls are almost completely devoid of details, so you can do some scratchbuilding there.

Decals and color schemes

The decals are pretty standard Luftwaffe fare, no fancy graphics in sight. They are however nicely printed and in register. The two color schemes included in the manual are just as standard. But most of the G variants served on the Eastern Front, so you can go wild with all sorts of whitewashing.

Clear parts

The ‘bird cage’ canopy is quite good considering the age of this kit. With some nice raised details, making DIY masks a bit easier


Not the greatest kit ever, but looks like a fairly challenging little build. Well worth it if you’re after the Ju-87 G variant. But make sure you’re stocked up on putty and keep your tools at the ready.




Vehicle: Junkers Ju 87 G/D
Manufacturer: Revell
Scale: 1/72
Kit#: 04692
Sprues: 4
Parts: 61
Length: 155 mm
Width: 211 mm
Released: 2010




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