Review: Trumpeter 1/72 T-34/76 Model 1943

The T-34 is one of the legendary tanks that came out of the ‘Great Patriotic War’, its appearance on the battlefield was quite a shock to the Germans who had no immediate answer to this well armed, armored and mobile tank. Due to it’s simplicity it was easy to produce, train crews for and easy to maintain. And until the arrival of the Panther tank it was superior to most German medium tanks.

The kit

It comes in the standard Trumpeter box with a picture of the finished kit on the front. After opening the box we find a lot of individually packed sprues and a lot of intricate details on most parts. There’s barely the slightest hint of flash noticeable anywhere and for the two-part barrel hating crowd there is good news: Trumpeter has included a fully molded gun barrel. No need for hours of sanding on one of the main parts of a tank.

Another important part of the tank are the wheels and tracks of this kit. The tracks are of the rubber variety, and look nice enough and are easy to clean up where needed. The roadwheels are of the ‘spider’ variety, (my favorite) and look very nice as well. Other parts of the tank have crisp details as well, the hatches have nice looking hinges and the other various parts of the tank are just as good looking with no apparent fitting issues. The on thing that is lacking is the texture of the cast turret. It is a bit lacking. If you look at pictures from that time you’ll often see a rough texture on these cast turrets and sloppy weld lines. But this is something you can easily do yourself, so it’s not a huge problem.

Decals and color scheme

This kit doesn’t come with an overly large decal sheet. Just two variants are included and they use minimal decals. A Red Star, a Guards emblem and a slogan in Russian for the Russian variant. The ‘Beutepanzer’ variant features only a fairly large orange decal with a Balkenkreuz and silhouette of a helmet. Both have a Russian 4BO Green color scheme.


If you don’t like decals, this is your kit, otherwise you’ll need to source some aftermarket decals to spruce it up a little. Build quality and details are great, and the kit is simple to build. Overall a very nice kit that I can recommend to everyone.




Vehicle: T-34/76 Model 1943
Manufacturer: Trumpeter
Scale: 1/72
Kit#: 07208
Number of parts: 17
Number of sprues: 1
Length: 139 mm
Width: 62.6 mm
Height: 55 mm
Released: 2007



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