Review: Italeri 1/9 Triumph 3HW

While looking around for a kit of the old (or new) Triumph Bonneville I stumbled upon this kit. The Triumph 3HW was a 350 cc motorcycle designed for the British Army. Based on an old ESCI kit from 1972. Italeri released other motorcycles made by ESCI in this scale: The Harley Davidson Liberator and the BMW R75 with sidecar. Enough to keep you occupied for at least a few months.

The kit

It comes in a nice and large box because there are a lot of parts in this kit. keeping in mind this kit is from 1972 I did not really expect great feats of molding techniques. But I was pleasantly surprised. Most parts are packed separately and the kit even includes real springs for the suspension and seat and tubing for the engine. Other things that catch my eye are the rubber parts. They even include a drive chain and a sling for the great looking Stengun that’s included in the kit. And the tires look great as well and even include the name of the manufacturer on the side. The tires do have some problems: the sprue gates are rather thick and will need some love from a sanding stick and the large seam line on the center. But that’s hard to avoid and fairly easy to fix anyway, you need at least some tire wear on the tires anyway.

The olive-green plastic sprues are just as beautiful. As mentioned earlier, a great looking Stengun is included in the kit. And the bike parts look just as good, with some really delicate parts. Things like the saddle frame, or the engine and the entire frame of the bike are well molded sans flash. You really need to take care when removing these from the sprue as most parts are a bit fragile.

Decals and color options

You get a lot of options in this kit. Included are:

  • Civilian/Factory fresh version
  • Tunisia 1943, 1/9 51st (Highland) Infantry Division or 2nd New Zealand Armoured Division
  • Italy 1944/45, 10/3 6th South Africa Division – Prince Alfred’s Guards
  • Italy, May 1945, Italian Co-Belligerent Army, Bersaglieri, Bologna
  • Normandy 1944, 11/4 Infantry Division, 11/5 REME Infantry Division, 11/6 Armoured Field Artillery or 11/7 Divisional Signals

That’s a lot to choose from. Included on the beautifully printed decal sheet are a set of Triumph logos that aren’t used on the military versions, which is a shame and I think I will apply these anyway. But the instruction call for Flat Dark Tan and Flat Dark Green for every version. So, if you decide while painting that you actually wanted to do a different version you just apply a different unit decal and you’re done.

Clear parts

The clear parts are great, they even include a headlight lens, and it’s a shame to hide that part behind a black-out cover. The rest of the few clear parts clear of any distortion and look like they will fit perfectly.


This is an excellent kit but it can be a bit overwhelming for new modellers. Despite Thanks to the beautiful molding and the nice details included in this kit this won’t be an Aftermarket special, where you’d need to buy a lot of PE to make this thing look beautiful, it will be out-of-the-box.




Vehicle: Triumph 3HW
Manufacturer: Italeri
Scale: 1/9
Kit#: 7402
Number of parts: x
Number of sprues: 4
Length: 231 mm
Wingspan x mm
Price: €39,95
Released: 2015



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