Research: Pz.Kl.Z. Rutscher

Sometimes a kit manufacturer comes up with something entirely new (to me). The case in point is the Panzerkleinzerstörer ‘Rutscher’, a small tank destroyer with two recoilless guns as it’s main armament. Development started in 1943 but the project was halted in favor of the more traditional Panzerjäger 38(t) ‘Hetzer’ based on the chassis of the Czech Panzerkampfwagen 38(t).

yes, it’s one of those Paper Panzers. It’s the stuff dreams are made off. A E-100 superheavy tank with not one but two 88 mm Anti-Air guns? Or a Rammpanzer to ram obstacles and buildings with? Some German engineer has dreamed it up. The Germans are well known to have come up with some really advanced and outrageous stuff in the final years of the war. Everytime I do some research on yet another prototype I find something else that’s equally amazing. What about submarine launched missiles? The Germans tested it during the war. Even weapons using soundwaves were researched.

But the Panzerkleinzerstörer (I’ll shorten it to Pz.Kl.Z. from now on)  seems to be at least based on something that I would call Nazi-common sense. What the Germans needed in the late stages of the war were easy to manufacture tank destroyers. A few slabs of armor on a proven chassis, engine in the back and the heaviest gun possible.


Available kits




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