Review: Revell 1/144 F-19 Stealth Fighter

This is one of those kits you find in your local shops bargain bin for a few Euros. It simple, it’s small and it’s bad. in fact it’s so bad the instant you open the box you know how bad it’s going to be by just looking at it for just a second. But to me this is ‘one of those’ kits that I just need to have because I had a Micro Machines F-19 toy as a kid (which was probably based on Monogram’s F-19A ‘Spectre’)


Well, there isn’t a lot of history on this one. The F-19 Stealth Fighter was supposed to be a secret project that had spawned a lot of rumors. One rumor was that it was a ploy by US Intelligence to make the Russians spend a lot of resources on finding information on an aircraft that didn’t exist. It gained a lot of attention and various designs appeared in popular media, with a cameo in the Chevy Chase movie ‘Deal Of The Century’, its own flight simulator, toys and plastic kits.

The kit

This kit can be traced back to a release in 1988, just when the F-117 Stealth Fighter was revealed to the public, upon opening the small box we are greeted with just three sprues. One clear sprue and two in shiny, fairly brittle looking, black plastic. Oh boy. This is going to be fun. Upon further inspection we notice a lot of flash. But there is more. Out comes the obligatory Revell safety sheet, aka. the Decal Holder and a small sheet of decals. But no instruction manual. Probably an oversight, the box is small. If needed you can download the manual at The instructions fit on one page, are of the usual Revell quality and show a somewhat surprising amount of parts.

But the parts are not that great. It does have recessed panellines but they are shallow and wide. Far too wide for a 1/144 scale kit and there is a lot of variation in-depth and width. That makes for sloppy panellines. The other parts aren’t much better, the various doors look like they won’t fit properly if you want to build this with the gear up. Which is a shame because the landing gear isn’t that great as well. And the flash.. It’s terrible at places. On my kit the nose of the top fuselage featured a large ‘mustache’ that looks like the mold was leaking.

Clear parts

The canopy is tiny as you would expect and it’s fairly thick. But there is no cockpit, and if it was it would be barely visible. So this isn’t a huge concern.

Decals and Color scheme

The decal sheet is tiny, with just the bare necessities. They are nicely printed though although they lack a bit of detail. But considering this is 1/144 and the kits age it’s good enough. The color scheme for this aircraft isn’t complex. You better stock up on black paint, as it will be used a lot in this kit.


I bought this kit because I had a few Euros left on a voucher. It’s hardly a kit that warrants a trip to the hobby shop. But it’s easy to build (except for the potential fitting issues) and you will gain a lot of experience sanding and filling. So i think it’s a great kit for ‘training’ If you’re just after a nice kit of this cool subject you might want to look elsewhere.






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