Review: Tamiya 1/24 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA

It’s often said that every car enthusiast should at least have owned one Alfa Romeo in his or her life. And because this particular version of the Giulia Sprint is quite rare, this kit is maybe your only chance to own one. If you can find it that is..


It all started with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint GT, a sporty coupé version of the AR Giulietta 105 series saloon that had none of the boxy looks of the saloon, released in 1962. The Sprint GT was released to the market in 1964 and this car became quite popular for it’s driving qualities, with a 1.6 litre engine delivering 92 hp in a car that weighs 900 kg and a body designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, who worked for Bertone at the time. A year later the Sprint GTA was released, a lighter, more powerful and faster car. The GTA’ weight was a mere 820 kg, coupled with an increase of 23 hp it meant it had 115 hp and could reach 0-100 km/h in 8 seconds, compared to the 12 seconds that the GT took to reach that speed. Alfa Romeo had to do a lot of work to shed that much weight, as the GTA had aluminium body panels and many engine parts were replaced with parts made from lightweight magnesium alloy parts. Sadly, production of the GTA ended in 1969, after just four short years. But it was replaced by a cheaper version of the GT, the GT Junior with a 1.3 litre engine and a more expensive version, the GTV that was fitted with a 2.0 litre engine.


This is the car that I would buy if I would win the lottery (which I won’t, they seem to require participation in said lottery), and this being a Alfa Romeo you probably need a lot of money to maintain it.. This is a Tamiya kit, and these kits always make me feel a bit like James May did in his review of the Alfa Romeo 159.

The kit

Now, onto the kit itself. The box-art is beautiful and the sturdy box keeps your kit safe, even during (international) shipping. As I wrote earlier, you may have to go eBay hunting for this kit, at the time of writing this kit wasn’t even available on eBay. So keep your eyes open! (or tame your eBay bots)

Upon opening the box we are greeted with nice red, grey, chrome and clear plastic of typical Tamiya quality. Packed in the typical Tamiya plastic bags, closed with a staple. Everything looks nicely detailed, and because it’s a Tamiya kit I would expect nothing less than a perfect fit on all parts.

Overall details are great, the dashboard and other interior bits are well molded and have some really nice detail. The kit comes with a movable hood to show off the well detailed engine bay. The engine in particular has some really nice detailing, but leaves enough room for the scratchbuilding enthusiast to add more things to it. Especially when you keep in mind these cars were used for racing and were popular because they were easy to modify.

Clear parts

The clear parts are well molded, don’t suffer from optical distortion and fit well inside the body of the car. So you have no way to hide any ‘crimes’ you have committed in the interior!

Decals and color options

The kit comes with both decals and a few metal transfers for the badge and headlights. All are in perfect register and the transfer film isn’t too thick. The instructions call for Tamiya’s TS-6 red spray paint, but to be honest it seems a bit too red for a true Alfa Romeo. Zero Paints ‘Alfa Rosso’ paint seems the perfect match for this car. Or you could go with white. But it is a classic Alfa..


This is yet another great kit from Tamiya, but because of its rarity it’s not the best kit for beginners. Losing a part probably means you’re SOL, and when you find one it probably goes for a high price. But if you find one, consider buying this kit. It is well worth it’s price, even if it’s outside your comfort zone.





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