Research: Tiger I ‘Tiki’

Did I mention that I’m often am interested in fairly obscure things? Now this is again one of these niche subjects that sparked my interest. A Tiger I named ‘Tiki’. The one on the picture is marked as #833, but there are references to a #312. This could be due to the tank being transferred to another unit, but that is just speculation in my part.

So on we dig. So far I know that:

  • It was commanded by SS-UntersturmFührer Steinhofen
  • First saw action at Kharkov in December 1942 till April 1943.
  • Herr Steinhofen was present at an awards ceremony of the (in)famous ‘Das Reich’ SS division on 20 April 1943
  • It had at least several turret numbers.


  • Battle at Kursk, 1942
  • Tank battle of Kolomak (destroying 79 T-34s and a single KV-1)
  • Normandy, Avranches, Falaise Gap, Coutances, D-Day 1944
  • Battle of the Bulge, Grandmenil
  • Operation Frühlingserwachen

And that’s about it. I keep finding posts on forums that I still have to dig through, so stay tuned!

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