Review: Revell 1/72 Horten Go 229

This Luft '46 aircraft is one of my all-time favorite subjects, there is something about the sleek wing shape and it's supposed 'stealth' capabilities that captures my imagination. But I must admit that this one kit that seems cursed. I have two of these serving as shelve queens now because I did something wrong. The issues you will see in the pictures are mostly my own fault.


Review: Valom 1/144 Me 1101 Vs. FW TA-183

History The Messerschmitt Me 1101 was Messerschmitt's response to the RLM's Emergency Fighter Program of 15 July 1944. The initial design featured wings that could be set at various sweep angles before flight. Although this feature wasn't planned to be included in the production aircraft it was used on the V1 prototype for testing purposes. Eventually Messerschmitt lost … Continue reading Review: Valom 1/144 Me 1101 Vs. FW TA-183