News: Amusing Hobby Focke-Wulf Triebflügel

Ever since Il-2 1946 I've been a fan of the Focke-Wulf Triebflügel (literally Thrust Wing in English). This outlandish looking aircraft looked like it was the illegitimate son of a Me-262 jet and a Flettner Fi 282 helicopter. I've literally searched for a kit of this aircraft for years, and while one or two companies … Continue reading News: Amusing Hobby Focke-Wulf Triebflügel


Review: Airfix Four Stroke Engine

Time for something entirely different. I've had my eyes on some of these engine kits out there, but they are either not available or too expensive for my budget. But then this kit popped up in my local hobby store at a 60% discount. I honestly went into the shop with the idea of buying … Continue reading Review: Airfix Four Stroke Engine

Review: Tamiya 1/72 Aichi M6A1 Seiran

The Japanese Aichi M6A1 Seiran was a floatplane used by the Imperial Japanese Navy serving on the large I-400 class submarines. Yes, Submarines. Now if you're imagining a submarine crew sharing bunk beds with aircraft parts you would be wrong. The I-400 class submarines were designed and built with a dedicated hangar in front of the conning tower that held up to three Seirans.

Review: Modelcollect 1/72 E-75 Ausf. Vierfüßler Rheintochter 1

If you are thinking "I didn't know this Ausführung existed" you are right: It didn't. It's one of those fantasy panzers that take Paper Panzers to the next level. Think Maschinen Krieger but based on a E-75 hull. But if the Germans struggled to make the Panther and (King) Tigers reliable, how on earth would … Continue reading Review: Modelcollect 1/72 E-75 Ausf. Vierfüßler Rheintochter 1